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Our growth marketing services are designed to help you attract more customers, convert more leads, and increase your sales. We’ll work with you one-on-one to create a custom plan that fits your unique needs and helps you achieve your goals. Contact us to request a free 30-minute strategy call. 

Master Your Growth Transformation

In the dynamic world of B2B SaaS technology, where digital transformation and leadership shifts are the norm, understanding the neuroscience of change is paramount. Our Change Your Mind…Create New Results workshop equips you with neuroscience-based models and tools to understand and address these shifts. Delve into how the brain perceives and reacts to change and learn actionable strategies to transition from reactive responses to proactive leadership. Through our group workshop and activation sessions, we empower teams to craft strategies that foster innovation and adaptability. Join us to learn how you can harness the power of neuroscience to lead your business through growth and transformation.

The ‘Change Your Mind, Create New Results’ program transformed my strategy, fostering innovation and collaboration; it catalyzed both personal and organizational success.

Quinn Harrington, CEO & Chief Brand Concierge, Harrington Design Company®

Neuroscience-Driven Leadership: Boost Team Cohesion & Profitability

Designed by world-renowned expert Dr. Joe Dispenza, this program translates decades of advanced neuroscience into practical strategies for leaders and their teams. Implemented by teams at Google, Microsoft, IBM, Rackspace, Cisco, Sony, and many more, this program has been proven to amplify profitability, boost team cohesion, and reduce stress.

What’s Included

  • Breakout Discussions: Engage for clarity, critical dialogue, and active participation.
  • Workbook & Journal: Master methods and tools for lasting change.
  • Collaborative Network: Connect with proactive managers and leaders.
  • Group Q & A Sessions: Seek guidance to align and implement your plan.
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza Audios: Gain insights and meditations for vision actualization.

Who Should Attend

Whether you’re an established or emerging company undergoing a growth transformation, launching a new startup or a freelancer looking to step outside of your comfort zone, this workshop is for you. It provides the tools and insights to seamlessly blend individual ambitions with collective organizational objectives. Are you ready to push beyond your personal and professional boundaries?

2024 Virtual Workshop Series

Unlock transformative insights and strategies complemented by two group activation sessions for seamless integration and application.

Dive Deep, Transform, and Activate!
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    • January: 17th – 19th
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    • September: 18th – 20th
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  • Individual Registration:
    • Early Bird (ends two weeks prior): $700
    • Standard Price: $1000
  • Group Discounts:
    • Register 20 or more participants and save $50 per person.

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Seeking a competitive edge and a vibrant company culture? Join our workshop to foster strategic leadership and creative problem-solving. We blend innovation with actionable insights, empowering teams to drive results and shape a resilient culture. It’s more than training—it’s a journey to sustained success. Secure your spot for transformative growth.